Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference - November 10 & 11, 2018

A great line-up of real estate experts covering the whole range of real estate investing hot topics, the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference, hosted by Cash Flow Connections and FIBI (Los Angeles), will be taking place on November 10 and 11, 2018 in Marina del Rey, CA. Early bird tickets still available at: Some of the topics on the agenda:

• Macro-Economic Trends for Real Estate Investors
• The Power of Effective Networking
• The Odd Couple: Mobile Homes & Self-Storage
• Investing in a Competitive Multi-Family Market
• Tax Efficient Real Estate Investing
• Fixing and Flipping at the End of the Cycle
• Investing in Debt
• The Passive Investment Playbook
• Raising Capital From Private Investors
• 7 Stages of Due Diligence for Passive Investors
• How To Invest in Out of State Real Estate
• The Green Opportunity: Cannabis and Real Estate
• Fixing and Flipping Without Blowing Up Your Marriage
• Risks and Rewards of Real Estate Development
• Investing in Commercial Real Estate in 2019

A great opportunity to learn and network! See you there!

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